Stay Safe on the Water in 2021

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Keep Your Family Safe from CO Poisoning

With thanks to the Boat Safety Scheme for the following tips. (All links open the BSS website in a new tab)

Boat Safety Scheme
Symptoms of CO Poisoning
  • Install fuel burning appliances properly, in-line with makers directions
  • Follow servicing guidelines; maintenance should be routine and competent - Don't allow bodged repairs, adjustments and adaptations
  • Always use appliances as per the instructions and never use cookers for space heating
  • Don't block ventilation – appliance fuels like gas, coal, wood, oil, paraffin, etc. need sufficient air to burn safely
  • Don’t bring charcoal BBQs on board, or have them near a cabin during or after use - only stone-cold charcoal is safe
  • Keep engine fumes out of the cabin space, never use a portable generator in or near a cabin
  • Deal with problems immediately, never use equipment you suspect has problems


Download the BSS leaflet:
Carbon Monoxide Safety on Boats

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