Stay Safe on the Water in 2019

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6 people affected by CO Poisoning “high enough to kill”

Photo: HM Coastguard Lowestoft and Southwold.

The Broads Authority has issued safety advice to boat users after six people were exposed to carbon monoxide levels “high enough to kill” aboard a Broads cruiser.

On Saturday, June 2, four of the six passengers...

Where to fit your CO Alarm

All cabins with a fuel burning appliance should have a CO alarm fitted

If fuel burning appliances, generators or engines are used whilst people sleep, all sleeping quarters will need their own alarms.

If the boat has a single multi-use cabin, one alarm is...

If you smell exhaust fumes - get out!

Latest News from Boat Safety Scheme:

Put bluntly, if you can smell petrol-engine exhaust fumes in the boat, kill the engine(s) and get out fast before you inhale any further toxic fumes! 

A major carbon monoxide (CO) risk comes from either big inboard...

TBS Boats Bray customer gets first free CO alarm

Chris Tridgwell-Wyatt (right) receiving his free Carbon Monoxide alarm from TBS Boats Bray's Tony Camfield (left) at the handover of his Aquafibre 44.

TBS Boats are giving away a free Carbon Monoxide alarm with every new...

BoatCoSAFE Launches Boating CO Alarms Campaign

Campaign sponsor – TBS Boats – are giving away free CO alarms with all boats sold

Bray, Berkshire, March 2, 2018– Mandatory installation of Carbon Monoxide alarms on cabin boats in UK waterways would save lives. In the last 20 years, 19 boaters have died...

CO and Swimming Platforms

Remember to make sure everyone stays off the rear deck and the swimming platform(s) whilst the engines are running. Swimmers should never enter areas under swimming platforms where exhaust outlets are located, unless the area has been properly ventilated.


Boaters are reminded about the dangers of CO

The UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has published its report following an investigation into the fatal accident which occurred on board the motor cruiser Vasquez. As part of...

Vasquez report published

MAIB’s report on the investigation of a fatal carbon monoxide poisoning on the small motor cruiser Vasquez on 12 November 2016, is now published.

The report contains details of what happened and the subsequent actions taken, read...

Boat owner jailed over fishermen's death

The owner of a boat on which two men died from carbon monoxide poisoning has been jailed for 15 months.

Mark Arries, 26, from Blyth, and Edward Ide, 21, from Amble, died on the boat which was moored in Whitby harbour in January 2014.

The pair were using...

Love for Lydia report published

MAIB’s report into the carbon monoxide poisoning on board the motor cruiser Love for Lydia on Wroxham Broad, England between 7 and 9 June 2016 resulting in two fatalities is now published.

MAIB statement:

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch has...

Ignore Petrol-Engine Exhausts at your Peril

Exhaust fumes inside your boat is indicating your boat may be filling with carbon monoxide

If you can smell petrol-engine exhaust fumes inside your cabin or covered deck area, stop the engine, outboard or generator and get out warns the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) - you may not have...

CO Poisoning on motor cruiser

Safety warning after carbon monoxide poisoning on motor cruiser results in loss of 2 lives

Safety warning issued following an accident on board the Doral 250 SE motor cruiser Love for Lydia at Wroxham on the Norfolk Broads between 6 and 9 June 2016. Two people and their dog...